Program Application

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Conversion action Online purchase with processed valid payment
Cookie days 30 day(s)
Commission type Percent of Sale
Base commission 4.20%

Affiliate commission will be paid into your PayPal account once your approved balance reaches a minimum balance of $50 or greater. All sales and commissions are in USD and are based on net sale, after discounts, but before taxes or other fees.

Uber Scuuter reserves the right, at its sole and final discretion, to determine the eligibility of commissions. Affiliate commission is based on the final purchase price and collected revenue, less any discounts applied. Please note that if a customer you referred receives a refund, you will no longer be eligible for commission on that sale. Uber Scuuter also reserves the right, at its sole and final discretion, to suspend or remove affiliates eligibility at any time and without notice.

Uber Scuuter reserves the right to edit or modify the terms of this program or suspend or cancel this program at any time without notice. This program is provided as a courtesy only and Uber Scuuter cannot guarantee that all commissions will be properly tracked and cannot provide credit for improperly tracked orders.

Affiliates may use paid search, display networks, sponsored posts or other advertising to refer customers to Uber Scuuter, but under the following limitations:

  • Affiliates are prohibited from bidding on the search terms “Uber Scuuter,” or “UberScuuter,” as well as misspellings or broad matches to these terms on any search engine marketing platform.

  • Specifically, although some advertising networks permit bidding on trademarked terms, your participation in this program affirms your agreement to this policy, which overrides any advertising network policies.

  • Affiliates may not include the Uber Scuuter logo, icons, trade dress or any images from the Uber Scuuter website in advertising content.

  • Affiliates may not imply any direct or indirect relationship with Uber Scuuter Inc. in ad copy or imagery.

  • Affiliate ad copy or imagery must including the word “Affiliate” at least once per ad, image or sponsored post.

  • Advertisements that do not meet these requirements may be reported to the advertising network.